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New Project Launched

JEN launched a new project at Central Equatoria State.

This project aims to improve the sanitation condition through digging wells and construction of latrines as same as JEN’s past projects. It also focused more on working with the community than the past. The community members mainly worked for construction of latrines this time such as manufacturing cement, and JEN supported that.

In addition, we learned through our experience that when the wells in existence went out of order, those were left without repairing due to shortage of the parts, engineers and money. JEN aims to organize a scheme for maintain and management of wells in the community by building core team of engineers and supporting building business model.

Through those projects, JEN will support self-reliance of South Sudan and engaging locally in the establishment of the country with people in South Sudan for the independence on July 9th。

May 12, 2011 in South Sudan |