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Cracked Field by Flood will be Recovered and Harvest will Come Soon.

Mr. Inyatullah is one of the sufferers of devastating flood that hit Pakistan last year. He lives in Khelbela village which is located at the riverside of Khayali. It is in the Charsadda, the most damaged district.

He made a living by growing sugar canes and wheat in the field of one acre, or 0.4 hectare, with his wife and four sons. He had a good relationship with his landlord. He paid for seeds, agricultural chemicals and agricultural tools and halved profit with his landlord.


The flood, which hit Kherbela in July 29, 2010, derived all the assets including sugar cane fields. Inyatullah family was forced to live at the relative’s. After that, Mr. Inyatullah lent money from relatives and rebuilt his house.

The field after the flood was so dry and crack that we couldn’t cultivate. A huge amount of money was necessary to recover the land. The assessment team from JEN visited there soon after the flood occurred and talked with the local farmers association. Then Mr. Inyatullah was chosen to be supported under the JEN’s reconstruction project.


The field of Mr. Inyatullah was recovered and JEN provided seeds, agricultural chemicals and tools.


Finishing seeding, pumpkins and okra are growing well. We will be able to harvest crops soon.


May 12, 2011 in Pakistan |