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City of culture Baghdad Al-Mutanaby street

The oldest and the most famous street in Bagdag, whose whole town constitutes one culture beyond the era, is Al-Mutanaby street.

This street dates back to the Al-Saray market, which was the paper manufacturing market in Isramic dynastic period (750-1285, 1261-1519AD)originated with the Abbasid family.


You can enjoy various cultures once you step in this street.
They sell only books there and on every Friday, book lovers come here from Bagdad city and neighboring cities.


This street is 700 meters long and located between western Tigris River, which is in the central Bagdad, and Al-Rashid street.

People friendly call this street in many nicknames changing with the times.

In Isramic dynastic era it was called Darob Zahhi, in Ottoman empire era it was named Al-Khamniya, and under the occupation of British Empire in the 1920s the name was changed to Al-Saray street.


It also came to be called vaguely ’Palace street’ because there was the British military headquarter near here.

In 1936, when the Faisal I, the emperor of Iraq, requested to establish a committee which discuss the name of this street and open space, they named it Al-Mutanaby after the Arabic famous poet.

After Iraq war finished in 2003, various fields of books including the religion, the social, the political problem and also the political criticism, which was treated secretly before the end of Iraq war, began to be sold openly and freely in the Al-Matanaby street.

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