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[Announcement of Leaving and Taking a post]

I, Watanabe have moved from Amman office.

I will mainly take care of general affairs and accounting jobs.

My newly post at Sri Lanka, has a lot of greenness and moisture climate, which is different from dry climate country, Jordan located in Middle East. One of my current propositions is acclimatizing this moisture climate.

The other day, I visited at Batticaloa where our former and present projects have been done.

I can see the villages at which agricultural crops are growing in abundance, and at other villages I can see soil’s color rather than green’s one. So I feel benefit of water of agriculture and wells.

And I saw the situations that each village has effectively used the wells using their own ingenuities.

While our taking with village people for a short time, I can feel their pride and self-sustainability.

I’ll try to assist Sri Lanka people with our local staffs and supports from all of our donors. Thank you for your continued help.

May 12, 2011 in Sri Lanka |