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A new start back home with repaired wells

Ms. Marakasan was forced to flee from her hometown, Maragai, in 2007 August. She moved from place to place for nine times, and finally arrived at a refugee camp called Manic Farm in 2009. It was in October 2010 that she could come back home.

Before taking refuge, her husband had been a farmer working with a tractor and water pump they owned. However, she has now lost these items.


When she restarted life back home, the first problem was that her well had become unusable. The well was not only damaged but also contaminated, and human bones were found inside it. Bringing water from a far away location became her new routine.

JEN repaired and cleaned the well, so now it can be used just as before, and farming became possible again.

(This program is carried out with cooperation from Japan Platform and our supporters).

May 26, 2011 in Sri Lanka |