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We distributed clothing from UNIQLO for the fourth time and supplies contributed from our supporters!

On April 16th and 17th, we distributed UNIQLO clothing and relief supplies in Ishinomaki City and Ogatsu Town.

This time the target areas were a nursing home in Ishinomaki City and areas in the north of Sanriku seashore, two hours ride from Ishinomaki City.


At Keijin nursing home in Ishinomaki City, clothing and supplies were distributed to the elders, staff and patients staying in the neighboring hospital.

In Ogatsu Town, we distributed clothing and supplies at the only large-scale evacuation center, Oosu Elementary School, where 500 adults and 17 children are staying and at an evacuation center in Ara community (evacuees are mostly elders, but also 10 children) 30 minutes north by car from Oosu.


The central part of Ogatsu Town has been completely destroyed. Most of the people in the area evacuated to Oosu Elementary School. All the members of Funakoshi community on the peninsula have evacuated, and are staying in either Oosu Elementary School or the evacuation center in Ara community.

Together with the people of Ishinomaki, we will continue our support until people resume their normal lives.

We would appreciate your continuous support.

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