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Using the agricultural wells: Comments from Mr. Visuvalingam

One day in March, we passed by an area where we had constructed an agricultural well in the previous project. We decided to visit one of the participants of that project, Mr. Perenbam  Visuvalingam (37 years old), who lives in Perillaveli in Kiran county.

 “I earn my living by growing maize, potatoes, and peanuts during the rainy season, which lasts for about 3 months from November, but in other seasons I used to cut some logs in the woods and go to the town to sell them as fire-wood. But look what I do now! I feel the joy of working on my own land. I feel something I had never felt before in my life.”


 “Five months ago, when the new well was nearly finished, I spoke of my dream at JEN’s workshop. I said, “This well is the largest agricultural well I’ve ever seen. I want to use the water from this well and grow agricultural crops all year round.” Now, I am trying to save money and time and make as much profit as possible from this garden. I can think this way because I have access to plenty of water. Thank you for coming by today. Please come again to see the garden in 2 month time.”

 Finally, he asked, “We are using the well water not only for agriculture but also for domestic use. That is not a problem, is it?” So we told him, “Of course not. The well is yours so please think and decide how to use it among yourselves. The important thing is to share the water.”

(Nagarajah, field officer; Sharulatha, field assistant)

April 14, 2011 in Sri Lanka |