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My name is Hamihdura Hamid.

I was born in the refugee camp in Pakistan and grew up there. After graduating high school in Pakistan, I decided to continue my study at the university in Afghanistan and moved to Afghanistan. In the year 2008, my family moved. After I received my bachelor degree in agriculture at the University of Afghanistan NANGARHAL, I received my MBA majoring personnel at ARAMA- IKBAR open university. After 2008, I have been working on reforming the community.


I learned that JEN has been very helpful supporting the refugee in Afghanistan in so many aspects, which was very touching. Fortunately, I was able to get a position at JEN as a program field officer.

The work at JEN will not only provide us an opportunity to work hard but also contributing to the next generation for creating a bright future and make us feel the passion. I believe that hard working is a factor that credits a bright future for the next generation.

We Afghanistani’s love freedom, nature and harmonization. For us, the sky is a bed, the moon is a lamp, the mountain is a house and snow is a blanket. We listen to the music of the breeze and live in a homeland like heaven. Now it is time that we become all for one, for the people of the world and for the sanctuary of nature, all work together for Afghanistan.

Field Officer: Hamidura

April 28, 2011 in Afghanistan |