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Introducing a new staff (Part 2)

April the 4th, I arrived at JEN’s office located in Islamabad Pakistan. I will be in charge for the Afghanistan project from the remote office.

During my college life I was addicted to music; therefore I was in music business before joining JEN. I had nothing inconvenient in my life, but one moment, I began to question my life. Am I able to help someone? Just that kind of time, I happened to know JEN and I became a member from August 2010.

When I joined JEN, it was just after the big flood in Pakistan, and I was assigned as the responsible person from headquarter of the Pakistan Project. On the meantime, I learned about Pakistan and wanted to visit the country.

My wish came true and I am now in Pakistan. From now on, as the appointee of the Afghanistan Project, with a mental restart, I will do my best. I hope for your support to help those who need aid

Afghanistan Program Assignee, Program Officer, Shinya Kamata

April 21, 2011 in Afghanistan |