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[From soup kitchen team] 5th day! Distributed 750 meals in total.

Since April 7th, JEN has been organizing soup kitchen for the earthquake/ tsunami victims taking shelter at their homes. In the yard of Nakajima Inc. in Nakayashiki, Ishinomaki City, we are preparing 100 meals for lunch and 50 meals for dinner everyday.

From April 7th to 11th, we were able to provide a total of 750 hot meals to the people of the community.

A group of volunteers has come all the way from Kobe for this soup kitchen. Thank you very much!

JEN is calling for more volunteers to help us with the soup kitchen.
For more information, please see our blog on April 7th.

[Photo] A volunteer group who came all the way from Kobe!

[Photo] Hot meals such as curry, rice balls, pork cutlet, boiled potatoes and meat and rice were distributed.

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