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48 engineers to meet self-reliant!

JEN had provided a training for the local community "how to use hand pumps" as one of the water sanitation improvement projects at primary schools in Central Equatoria. This project is supported by you the individual partners and Japan Platform. 

20110421_jpf3_handing_over_ceremony We had organized a completion ceremony for 48 participants from the facility management committee who completed the training in Kajo Keji county.

The training officers and irrigation and water supply officers and so on from the government had attended the ceremony, and certifications were handed in every trainee.


One of the trainees, Ms Alice Edward, told us she wanted to let other villagers know the knowledge she gained at the training. At the last part of the ceremony, tool kits for repairing wells and spare parts were presented to each committee and the members were filled with delight.


JEN would like to be in touch and wishing them for great success of new 48 engineers.

April 21, 2011 in South Sudan |