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Challenges in digging wells in Haiti – Part 2

A company called ALCO Service was contracted to dig the first well in a place called Kafou Thozin. The area is accessible on road and has enough space for well digging, so it didn't look like a difficult project site.

The workers started digging, and when we thought we were going to see the first drop of water, we hit a hard rock and could not continue using the drilling machine. We were planning to dig manually and then with a machine, but we had to continue digging manually.


Day by day, the worker went deeper into the hole. A courageous worker dug 13 meters underground before he reached water. We hoped that the nature of the soil would change from this point onward, and could start digging with the machine. However, the nature of the soil remained the same.

The worker went back into the hole, and while two trucks sucked water, he started digging again to reach the second underground water level, 21 meters underground.


Without the hard rock, we were supposed to finish digging the well in two or three days using the machine, but manually, it took us two weeks. We never know until we start digging – By overcoming such a challenge, we will continue digging wells for the people in need of clean water!

April 21, 2011 in Haiti |