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[Call for supplies – 4th week] We are collecting the following items this week (Please send items to our warehouse on April 13th)

We are calling for contributions of emergency supplies every week. This week, we are collecting the items below.

Please ensure that the items are delivered to our warehouse in Tokyo on Wednesday, April 13th.

It is almost one month since the earthquake hit.
Our sludge removal team and soup kitchen team are working in Ishinomaki with the support of volunteers.

This week, we are collecting items needed especially for sludge removal.
(For more details of sludge removal, please see our blog on March 31st).

Thank you very much for all your support!

Items needed
1. Rubber boots (adult size) – For sludge removal
2. Rubber gloves (thick and strong quality) – For sludge removal
3. Dust mask – Used to avoid dust when removing sludge

Please ensure the items arrive at JEN Adachi Warehouse in Tokyo on April 13th.

Send the items to
We have finished collecting supplies.

When sending the items
1. Please pack/wrap the same items together.
2. Please send in cardboard boxes. We cannot accept items sent otherwise.
3. Please indicate the items and their number on the outside of the cardboard box.
4. Please note that we cannot accept items other than the above three this week. Items other than those indicated above and those arrived after April 14th will be sent back by payment on arrival. Thank you for your understanding.

Photo: Evening, April 8th. Loading the truck to depart Adachi Warehouse. Thank you to Mr. Sato who has volunteered to drive the truck!

Photo: In front of Adachi Warehouse, together with volunteers who have helped us load the truck.

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