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Call for Soup Kitchen Volunteers!

JEN dispatched its first team to Miyagi prefecture immediately after the earthquake, and conducted damage and needs assessment and assessment of transportation and procurement routes. Along with these assessments, JEN distributed emergency supplies of clothing, hygiene kits and food for soup kitchen. We also provided hot meals for 600 people in evacuation centers with the cooperation of earthquake/ tsunami victims. We have decided to organize soup kitchen in Ishinomaki to provide hot meals for those who have difficulties securing food. We are calling for volunteers to support us in soup kitchen.

Terms and Conditions

  • Apply by group of volunteers who have experience in soup kitchen.
  • The place of soup kitchen will be determined by Ishinomaki Volunteer Center, and may vary each day.
  • The group will be expected to prepare meals for 100-1200 people each time.
    (Please indicate the number of people the group can provide food in each soup kitchen beforehand).
  • A group is requested to support for about one week (consecutive).
  • The group leader will coordinate directly with the Volunteer Center for the place of soup kitchen, etc.
  • The group needs to secure a vehicle to move around with cooking utensils.

For more details: 「soup_kitchen_volunteer.pdf」をダウンロード

Application form: 「application_form.doc」をダウンロード

Contact: volunteer@jen-npo.org
Please indicate “soup kitchen volunteer” in the subject section of your email.

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