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Breakfast in Baghdad : Pacha

In the morning, "Pacha" is one of the popular breakfast which people in Baghdad eat especially in the cold morning!


Pacha is a food which well cook the cow’s head meat with bones and the internal organs. We eat the Pacha over on top of the bread which is dipped in soup called tissue leave.  According to your taste, it is also delicious to top with pickles, lemon juice and onion!


Some people say that they prefer to use sheep’s head or tongue instead of beef. It easier to eat than beef with a bone, but it might be easy to digest reason.

We call "Pachechi" who sell the Pacha. Pachechi buy Pacha’s ingredients, beef and mutton, from butcher. Then, they begin the work called “Samotto” which is cleaning up the meat seared with fire for a prolonged time. Once the meat is clean, just cook Pacha and sell them!

"Pacha" is thought as food which is rich in vitamins and minerals needed by our body. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular breakfast for people who require physical strength to work in particular.

April 14, 2011 in Iraq |