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[Announcement of Leaving and Taking a post] ~ Leaving a post Mr. Shu Nishimaru ~

I, Nishimaru have been posted as a head of the office and concurrently serving general affairs and accounting.

I will leave Sri Lanka on 19th April since the limit of my visiting period regulated by the government of Sri Lanka, 3 years will be past in near future.

I have stayed at Sri Lanka for total 6 years including 3 years of my former job. The meantime, I have got 3 children and my family becomes 5 people.

At the time when I took my post on May 2008, a conflict at the east area had finished. Meanwhile, another conflict at the North area had been still continuing. The conflict at the North finished on May 2009.

As of now, in the sight of armed conflict, it gets peace, and has been promoting the reconstruction at North and East area, and at the other area there has not been any conflict, has been getting vitalizing tourism and economic development.

Although nobody knows the futures, I presently presume and hope that Sri Lanka is going to advance with cooperating each other as one country.

After my temporary return to Japan, I will take a new post at Sudan.

I will have been furiously working on with talking and snuggling up to the people who are suffering from harsh environment in the conflict, thank you.

April 21, 2011 in Sri Lanka |