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[Press Release] Tohoku Earthquake: JEN dispatch a team for Emergency Assistance today

Press Release

- Tohoku Earthquake: JEN dispatch a team for Emergency Assistance today -

JEN dispatch a team to the affected area of Devastated Earthquake occurred on 11 March, 2011.

Toshio HIRANO : Deputy director, Oversea Program Department
Yuka HAMATSU: Domestic Department

[JEN’s Mission]
Team JEN is heading to Miyagi and Fukushima prefecture where are affected badly due to the massive earthquakes occurred on 11 March, aiming to implement the emergency assistance to the most affected people and the places.

This particular massive earthquake destroyed major infrastructure in the area and many individuals are forced to live with the worst condition. JEN assume that Livelihood, Non-Food-Items, Phyco-social assistance are the highest priority and urgently required.

[International NGO JEN and its experience on Emergency Assistance]
NGO JEN is been supporting Conflict affected people in various countries since 1994, such as former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, has experience on assistance for the people affected by natural disasters, particularly for Earthquake assistance in India (2001), Iran (2004), Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004), Pakistan (2005) and most recently, Haiti earthquake in 2010.

JEN’s experience in overseas has been introducing to the emergency support for disasters in Japan since 2004, Chuetsu Earthquake occurred in Niigata, followed by the emergency assistance in Chuetsu Oki Earthquake in 2007.

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Phone: 03-5225-9352
NGO JEN, Tokyo Head Quarter

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