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[Tohoku Earthhquake] Introduction of Staff: Head of Mission

Dscf2811_2 We would like to introduce our staff working in the field in response to the Tohoku Earthquake.

The photo on the left is the Head of Mission, Toshio Hirano (Deputy Director,
Overseas Program Department). It was taken yesterday.

Toshio obtained a masters degree from the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo. After gaining agricultural and farming experience in the US, he worked in Zambia as a member of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers.

He then studied development studies at a graduate school’s part-time night classes while working at a company, and further moved on to Zambia and Angola as a member of an international NGO. There he worked on projects such as mine awareness raising, water supplies, health and medical care, and farming.

Toshio was sent to JEN’s mission in Eritrea from June 2005 to support those affected by the conflict, and has been in the current position as Deputy Director since March 2007. He was also involved in providing emergency and rehabilitation assistance following the Chuetsu (Niigata Prefecture) Earthquake.

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