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The importance of independence

JEN has been operating in Haiti since January 2010 right after the earthquake. Issues such as poverty, disaster, political instability and deterioration of public order have been causing pains in Haiti. To solve them, they need help from world community. However, the contribution from world community should not make people rely heavily on it. Anyone who wants to help Haiti get back on their feet should keep this in mind that people in Haiti need to establish their independence.


Exactly right now, we are struggling our way to lead them to establish their independence. Currently we are fixing the water facility which has been damaged by the earthquake. Also it has been affecting people’s health due to lack of proper water way. We do not only support physically but get involved with the local community to promote health and run the water facility.


JEN recruits volunteers from the local community to work with them from the beginning of the project through till handing over the water facility. We try to encourage people who will actually use the water facility can act on their own. They need to learn that it is their responsibility how to maintain the facility while getting benefit to use it.
After the fixing is done, staffs from JEN and volunteers who work hard to promote hygiene promotion campaign for free, will explain how important it is to keep the water place clean as well as the role of the water facility control committee. Then, we will provide maintenance kit including a wheelbarrow, deck brushes and scoops to keep the facility clean.
The way we approach this project is to establish a sustainable system by involving with the people in the community. Also appropriate maintenance of the water facility and keeping the facility area clean can reduce the risks of diseases which cause diarrhea such as cholera and malaria which can be caused by increased mosquitos from the water stagnation.


People are eager to work on the maintenance. Maybe one person can’t make it possible but we believe this is the first step of their independence in the community.

Haiti Office Director Azmat Ali

March 10, 2011 in Haiti |