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Self-introduction of a staff and the topic about agriculture in Afghanistan


I am Jumadar. I was born in Jalalabad in 1958, and graduated from Chaparhar High School in 1977. I graduated from university in 1982, and since then I worked 29years as an engineer at various companies. I have been working at JEN’s Afghanistan Parwan office since February 20, 2011.

The status of farmers in Afghanistan
An old-fashioned farming method remains in Afghan agriculture. Afghan farmers don’t know what type of land is suitable for agriculture. They also don’t have enough knowledge on what kind of water is suitable for irrigation or which season is best for each plant or vegetable. Besides, they don’t know much about nutrient composition of soil of each land and what type of crop species is suitable for that. They are not sure about seed planting depth, when to water, or how many seeds to plant on 2000 square meter land.

However, agricultural sector is growing day by day with domestic and international support. Our hope is that agriculture in Afghanistan will be developed by better system and experts in near future.


March 17, 2011 in Afghanistan |