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[Press Release] JEN Begins Emergency Assistance

Dscf2779 JEN begins emergency assistance in Sendai City, Miyagi prefecture.

The team arrived in Sendai on 14 of March following the Tohoku Earthquake that occurred on 11 March. The team immediately started preparations for distributiong of emergency items, and needs assessment (prioritization) of basic commodities in light of the continuously changing situation of the area.

On the 14th, the team visited the Districts of Aoba, Wakabayashi and Miyagino to conduct assessment. Miyagino District is said to have the most number of evacuees. What is more, for one of our team members, Yuka Hamatsu, Miyagino District is her hometown, where she was born. By curious concidence, two of the evacuation centers she visited were her alma mater.

Yuka says, “there were clear marks of the tsunami on the walls of my old school, Takasago Junior High School. Because the first floor of the school was filled with mud that the tsunamis left, we went in with our shoes on. Eventually the second and third floors became dirty with our muddy footsteps, which now made the building filled with a disturbing odor of sludge.

The schoolyard is a horrible sight, littered with cars dumped by the tsunami. Who would have thought that I would later come back engaged in earthquake relief work to my graduating school where I spent my childhood?

“Tomorrow, the 16th, I am going to cook and distribute some hot meals at my elementary school. The thought is overwhelming and too difficult to explain in words, to be able to provide the first hot meals to the people affected since the Earthquake struck.”

On 16th Wed, JEN will prepare hot meals as emergency goods distribution, at this elementary school in Miyagino-ku.

(We need to somehow solve the lack of gasoline...  Tweets JEN staff)

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