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[Press Release] Distribution of Hot Meals

JEN starts distribution of hot meals today.
Second truck loaded with equipments for the distribution and women's sanitary goods just departed for Miyagino District, Sendai City, from JEN Headquarter at Tokyo this morning.

The items delivered were: Water tanks, women's hygiene goods, vegetables, canned preserves, rice.

Facing the fifth day in evacuation centers, the affected people's health is reaching its limit. We were thinking of cooking and distributing the food in the playground of Takasago Junior High School (temporary evacuation center), but it is filled with mud brought by the tsunamis. On another note, there are only 5 toilets that must accommodate 1,200 people.

March 16th Wednesday, under the general objective of emergency distribution of basic goods, JEN will prepare and distribute hot meals to 1,000+ people.

We need your support, now. 

Donation by credit card is possible via our English website: 


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