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"One good turn deserves another"

On March 11th, 2011, when the massive earthquake hit the eastern Japan, I was in Port-au-Prince.
I can still remember it just like yesterday that I was agitated to see news on the earthquake and the fear until I made sure my family was safe.
The next day since the earthquake, I have got calls and emails from friends to cheer me up. Among them, what impressed me most was warmth from people in Haiti.

In Haiti, due to economic conditions or low education levels, the number of people who read newspaper.
However, people who I met at the casheir at a supermarket, residents where our office is located, on the line to pay bills, talked to me even though they even didn't know me.
They first asked if I am Japanese and I said yes, they said "It hurts me to hear about the earthquake on news".
Among the words I received from them, I was impressed with the this, "We know tough it is because we have been there. We appreciate you stay behind and work for the reconstruction of Haiti despite the devastation in your country. We would love to do something for Japan as much as Japan helped Haiti."

What JEN does is to support the victims to get on their feet. As a by-product of our operation, we have seen "caring" spreading among people.
People in Haiti still suffer inconvenient lives. However, they can still care about me even though they don't know me. Also they wish to do something for Japan.
It is like a reward for me to see how they started caring about others.

March 24, 2011 in Haiti |