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[News Update] Thank you very much for your thoughts

We could finally obtain the passage licence of emergency vehicles, in the evening of March 13th.
At 19:43, three staff departed for the stricken area.

We were overwhelmed when we heard, yesterday, the news of Fukushima nuclear plant explosion, moments before the staff’s planned dispatch.
After 24 hours, we are relieved to see them finally take off.

JEN’s activities that will commence as soon as the staff arrive at the site, is an essential first step to start our assistance for the people in despair, and their reconstruction of living.
What is more, the people in need are reaching a considerable number.

Those who cannot reach out,
those who cannot receive information and signs of life,
those who are isolated without any external assistance…

We are anticipating that the conditions are far beyond what we can really anticipate.
We are working and striving only to relieve the affected’s pain and anxiety.

We are receiving many calls, warm messages and donations from many of you. First, we would like to thank all of you that have supported us, and trusted us to commence this assistance.

The next update will come as soon as the team reaches the site, and delivers your message to the people.

Your support will continue to be vital.
Thank you very much,

JEN Tokyo Headquarters

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