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JEN’s Past Experiences With Earthquake Assistance

Just now, we received a message from the three staff dispatched to northern Japan.
They will soon start tweeting through JEN’s account, live and direct from the field. For English tweets, follow us at NGO_JEN_e .

Today, we would like to share with you our past experiences of assisting various earthquakes (and tsunamis) around the world.

<2001 India>
Emergency assistance in state of Gujarat.

<2003 Iran>
Emergency assistance in south eastern state of Kerman.

<2004 Niigata Prefecture, Japan>
Emergency assistance in Tokamachi City, the worst hit city in the prefecture.

<2005 Pakistan>
Emergency assistance in Pakistani state of Kashmir, at altitude of 2000 meters.
Currently, we are conducting an emergency assistance responding to the flood that hit the country in 2010.

<2005 Sri Lanka>
Emergency assistance in internal conflict-stricken Sri Lanka, in response to the tsunami damages from the Sumatra earthquake.
Currently, we are conducting an emergency assistance to the internally displaced persons in northern and eastern regions of Sri Lanka.

<2007 Niigata Prefecture, Japan>
Emergency assistance in Kashiwazaki city of Niigata Prefecture, responding to yet another earthquake that hit Niigata, this time off the coast.

<2008 Myanmar>
Emergency assistance in the delta area, responding to cyclone Nargisse that washed away villages.

<2009 Indonesia>
Emergency assistance in Padang.

<2010 Haiti>
Emergency assistance in Haiti, the poorest country in western hemisphere.

This time around however, the extent of the damages caused by the earthquake excels all the above damages combined.
Meticulously, but rapidly. We are just beginning our assistance.

We need your support, now.

Donation by credit card is possible via our English website:
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