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Greeting the inspection team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The life rehabilitation program JEN is carrying out in the Eastern Batticaloa district is financed by our supporters, as well as Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. We had heavy rain in January and February, but from March, we have been able to work on preparation to start digging agricultural wells.

On March 4th, 3 members from the Foreign Ministry came to inspect our program in Batticaloa. They checked the agricultural wells finished in two villages, which were the project sites of last year, and gathered comments from the users of the wells.

In Kiran county, Iruppayadimunmari village

Walking to the village

Listening to the villagers

Listening to the villagers in front of a well

At the end of the inspection, we received following comments from the inspection team: “We felt that there is a good relationship between JEN and the villagers, from the way they shared many comments with us in a friendly manner, although we met them for the first time.”

Though they are a little far away from sightseeing areas, please visit our project sites and see how the people are living when you have a chance to come to Sri Lanka!

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