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Distributing clothes from UNIQLO in Ishinomaki City, and the arrival of the fourth team!

On the 29th March, JEN distributed warm fleeces and underwear by UNIQLO at three sites in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.

The clothing was donated by Fast Retailing Co., Ltd (UNIQLO), and their employees assisted the distribution. A total of 759 local residents were present at the three locations to receive the items.


<Photo> The distribution of clothing. Many residents gathered following the radio announcement.

In addition to the UNIQLO clothing, we distributed items that JEN brought from Tokyo. These were items provided by our supporters, such as precooked and sealed food, canned food, powdered milk, adult diapers and wet wipes for elder care. JEN will continue the distribution of these items in other locations of the city.

Another team (Miyako Hamasaka and Tasuku Futamura) arrived in Ishinomaki on the 29th. With their arrival, JEN will continue its distribution of hot meals in the evacuation centers and the removal of mud from evacuation centers and local houses - an activity urgently required in the area. JEN will also identify communities currently not receiving assistance, and conduct needs assessments in such areas.


<Photo> Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture. Interviewing residents to identify damages and needs.

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