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Developing Human Resources for Hygiene Education

110303I would like to report about the program of improving the environment of the school and hygiene education.

Not only hygiene knowledge but staff with technical knowledge are lacking in Afghanistan, so we must begin from the scratch; educating people.

JEN first discussed with the officer at ministry of Healthcare in of the region and selected two experts of the hygiene education. 14 people were called and gave a lecture about hygiene education, to become trainers . After the training, the two experts and the new trainers became a team and conducting a workshops to instruct 710 teachers of 42 schools in Parwan.


At the workshop, teachers learned the basic knowledge such as how to wash hands with soap so that the children at school will achieve “basic hygiene knowledge and habit” which is still not yet popular in Afghanistan.


Also in Afghanistan, people do not know much how to deal with diarrhea that does not require doctors. Therefore, the recipe of an oral supplement ORS( an oral supplement solution dissolved with salt and sugar to prevent dehydration by diarrhea) was taught.

In Afghanistan, New Year begins at the end of March and after continuing the workshop until March, the new school term begins. When the new school terms starts, it is the teachers that begin to teach hygiene education. I would like to introduce the progress of of the workshop next time.

March 3, 2011 in Afghanistan |