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A Message from JEN's team in Afghanistan

We have received a warm message from our team in Afghanistan.
This message is dedicating to the People whom JEN supports.

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Dear All respected member of JEN.

As we had got the information of powerful earthquake struck Japan on 9th March 2011 and case big damage and more than 2000 Japanese die.

We are sorry for that this is not just defect for the Japanese people, this is also defect for us as a humane and we are shear with our friends Japan people in this disaster.

The same shearing of defect has been announced by the governor of Parwan (*) and he remembered about the cooperation of Japanese with Afghans so, the people of Parwan and Afghanistan are hoping the best way of the safeness of the humane around the world.

So, we hope the humane safety everywhere especially for the people of Tohoku in Japan.

Some of the staff from Charikar(*) and Kabul are ready to send same amount as a help for the people of Tohoku as their parts of humanitarian.


From all JEN staff in Afghanistan.

People of Afghanistan and especially people of Parwan.

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(*) JEN's projects are being implemented in Charikar district, Parwan province since 2002.

More information about the program in Afghanistan, Click here.

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