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A Message from JEN's team in Pakistan

We have received a warm message from one of our stakeholders in Pakistan.
This message is dedicating to the People whom JEN supports.

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Regarding the incident happened in Japan, being a Pakistani on behalf of my all Pakistani people, i would like to say that we all are feeling very sorry for all our Japanese brothers and sisters ,and for those who died due to this incident, i would like to express that we all “Wish May their Gentle Souls rest in Peace” Amen.

Being a Human being, i would like to make a donation for my Japanese brothers and sisters,

We all wish that God Bless all the effected people.

Take care of your self,

M.Qadir Khattak

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*JEN's projects are being implemented in Pakistan since 2004. Today, we support flood affected peoplein KPK.

More information about the program in Pakistan , Click here.

Donation by credit card is possible via our English website:

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