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What you need to move

The Islamabad office which is the base of remote office in the Afghanistan project moved in this mid-January.

I have been preparing to move to the next place to make the working environment organized smooth whenever I had time. However, once you moved we recognized the reality was that there were problem with almost the entire infrastructure (such as water, electricity, gas, telephone, internet etc).

The house landlord was helpful to solve the problem one by one, but this is not Japan.

It is not unusual that the repairman does not show up mentioning that he will appear today. He once comes to check the situation telling us to return soon and end up showing the next day. Even though you purchase the whole desk set, they never deliver on the day they promised.

Now that the problem is getting settled recently at last, I then started to think that this moving situation is also an example for part of the supporting activity. To pursue this project, it requires more time than we imagined. In order to continue a better support, patience is required. Even moving your office is no exception.

It has been about a month since we moved and we are now in an environment to concentrate in our project.

110217_cimg1238_ks_2In the new office, we always have bright sunshine from our large window.

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