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Surprise and delightful growth of the staff

Usually I work on general affairs and accounting at the capital city, and I was surprised when I went to the field after so long.


The local staff worked on kneading cement and setting the stage for around the hand pump under the burning sun.
Mr.Guy, plumber who has three wives and always joyous is saying joke and Mr. Ansoul, plasterer is daubing cement for the stage.
Everyone is working earnestly with smile although the hard work in the hot weather.
Once I left the work space about 40 minutes to see other pump, and when I came back there, surprisingly almost all of the stage has been completed!


Because their speed of working has been more glowing, there is another reason for surprise.


Actually, the maintenance and repair of the water facility has been worked by almost only local staff for these two weeks.
After few months ago, we left the job up to the local staff for a week but it was impossible to work by themselves because they couldn’t deal with the happening which they hadn’t expect.
They sought the direction anything about from Mr.Romain, the officer of the program and there were luck of confidence to do by themselves.
But in this time, the function of the team work amazingly well for Mr.Romain and they firstly try to solve any problem by discussion in the team.


It has been almost eight months since we started the maintenance and repair of the water facility.
The elderly local staff have worked with JEN almost a year.
Now the germ of the independence with we nurtured carefully has started come out step by step.

Yuka Takao, general affair and accounting in HT

February 10, 2011 in Haiti |