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Reviewing the activities in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka in 2010

Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Vavuniya North County had been devastated by the civil war. We saw that those who had returned to their villages were using plastic sheets as a roof.  JEN distributed galvanized sheets and timber and supported the construction of temporary housings.


Later, well-cleaning teams were formed among the returnees and we managed to clean the wells in most households. Civil wars not only cause physical damages, such as the destruction of buildings and deprivation of livelihood, but also result in intangible damages. For example, psychological trauma of the unrest or the stress from the life as evacuees may lead to domestic conflict, or the disruption of community activities may result in the loss of community organization. When they returned to the devastated village after 18 months in evacuation, well-cleaning became the first task the people undertook together as a community.


JEN will continue to provide support to improve the communication between the villagers, through well-cleaning, workshops, and other cooperative activities!

February 10, 2011 in Sri Lanka |