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A Hygiene Education with Puppet Play would Start

Water sanitation improvement project provided by JEN prevailed the information related to hygiene issue by using puppet play. Although the puppet play mainly targeted to children at school, the benefit spread not only the schools but also around the community.

Recently, 10 staff at JEN had a puppet play training by 8-day intensive course.  The training was held with corporation by a NGO whose activities are specialized in health and hygiene in Africa.

Making puppets for the play required high skill and knowledge and it is formidable work.  A woman in the community saw when we were chopping a mattress for the material of puppet, and she said that ”You are wasting the mattress. If you could have given the mattress to me, I and my 6 children would not need to sleep directly on the ground…”. It was difficult to explain to gain the understanding that a little cost is needed to produce a big result. The puppets and the puppet play were made through those processes.



A rehearsal of the puppet play in Kendira  village at Morobo county was not only to inform people but also great fun. It was hot day, however, many people came to see the play.

JEN thinks that warm heart communication with people is important , and makes an effort to set an environment in which people can obtain new knowledge with opening their heart. The script of the play is simple and the audiences are involved to solve the problem in the play. It must be the most interesting way of learning!
Project Officer / Elizabeth

February 24, 2011 in South Sudan |