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We wish you a wonderful year 2011.

As you might know, Muslims give prayers five times a day (please check our blog entry in October 8th, 2009 which explains the timings). Announcements, called adhan, are called out from each mosque to tell people the time of prayers. The adhan is not recorded, but a person recites it every time.


Words of the adhan are the same in every country and region, but there are differences in how they are delivered. Here in Amman, you can hear the calls of adhan from mosques here and there at exactly the same time. There is also a radio program which announces the timing of prayers, and it starts at exactly the same time as well.

On the other hand, outside of Amman City, the timings of the voices are slightly different. There are some mismatches, as if when listening to a troll. Can you tell why?

I’d like to explain the reason for that in the next report. Don’t miss it !

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