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Success in Morobo district

Students of the school which is located far away from central part of  Morobo  have problems in securing safe drinkable water.
Morobo district belongs to Green Belt of Central Equatoria State
and is relatively rich in green and water in South Sudan. However, there are many cases that undrinkable lake water is used for drinking in communities.

Richard Modi and his brother go to school always with little 1-2 liter water bottle. When they share this water with their friends, they have to draw new water from water source, which is far from their school and is not safe enough to drink.
Because of this undrinkable water, Richard’s young brother often get sick or have diarrhea.

JEN has been improving the access to safe drinkable water for children in Morobo district from 2009 supported by Japan Platform, supporters like you and people in communities.
We had already bored thirteen wells in elementary schools in Molobo  and we are now digging two more wells.

John Moro said, ‘Our life got better thanks to the wells. Before wells had been bored, we needed to spend almost all day to obtain drinkable water. ’


People in Dudulabe community also feel glad because the new well had bored few days ago. Darios Mawa, who is bringing up six children, told ‘The things what JEN did for our community is satisfactory enough for us. Not only the well was founded, we are also participating in the training of wells management. Now we don’t have to worry about ensuring drinkable water and also about accidents of the well because we had acquired the technique of repairing it.’

The wells repairing training offers chances for people in communities to think about the value to work cooperating each other, as well as technical knowledge of wells management.

(project officer/ Elizabeth)

January 27, 2011 in South Sudan |