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News of JEN ‘s supportive activities in Pakistan

JEN started supportive activities for farming.

In District Charsadda UC Nisatta where JEN is doing supportive activities, People live on the income which they earn by exporting bitter gourds to Dubai.

JEN is going to assist the local people to support themselves again by way of distributing the seeds of bitter gourds. 

Views of bitter gourd farm in Shah Pasand village

This photo shows the lot  where the damage from a flood was  small.


  Makers of corrugated cartons in d Shah Pasand Kalay village .

Bitter gourds are exported packed in these corrugated cartons.

Mr. Ibral sitting with his colleagues(left).

They export bitter gourds from the district of Nisatta



They make the frameworks for cultivating bitter gourds using wooden sticks and wires.

Farmer Younas Khan is explaining how to make the frameworks for cultivating bitter gourds in
the district of NIsatta.

The frameworks for cultivating bitter gourds are being made for the next season
in Shah Pasand Kalay village.

January 20, 2011 in Pakistan |