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National Election 2011

2011, this year, would be historically important year for Sudan. There were 2 large-scale wars since Sudan had been independent from the United Kingdom (Egypt)  in 1956. During the wars, it is said that there were 2millions of dead and injured, and over 4 millions of internally displaced persons who evacuated from damage of the conflicts. Moreover, there were refugees who had evacuee life outside Sudan.

In 2005, politicians of Southern and Northern Sudan reached a peace agreement which mentioned that they would have national election to decide whether Southern Sudan would belong to the North or been independent.

Southern Sudan started a national election from January 9th.  If the turnout rate is more than 60% and separatist and independent obtain more than half of votes, Southern Sudan will be independent. People in Southern Sudan were highly motivated for the election as they legally got an opportunity for their independence which they had been seeking for.   

Whichever Southern Sudan is independent, or belongs to Northern Sudan, there are large number of issues to solve for both governments. They have to solve important issues such as oil resource related issue and border of North and South related issue etc.

JEN will continuously supply  the supports which let people in Southern Sudan be self-reliant with more long-tern purview in 2011.

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