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Learning from communication

“We have our teeth treated when we get cavities; we drink medicine when we get sick.”
We often hear comments like this when we interview teachers, parents and children.

Even when children enjoy studying in a safe school, it would be difficult for them to concentrate in class if they have a sore tooth or continuous diarrhea.

JEN hopes to assist improving the sanitary conditions of entire communities through teaching children methods of healthcare.

In 2010, our target locations were Baghdad city, Anbar (which neighbors Baghdad), and Babil.We installed and repaired toilets and water facilities, and also held a workshop on sanitary reform. In the workshop targeting elementary school teachers, held in October and November, thoughts, requests and suggestions were actively shared among the participants and also JEN staff. During this workshop, we heard many comments that the teachers wished to hold such workshops on a broader basis, meaning that they were eager to share the experience with other schools, parents of their students and the whole community as well.

We also received suggestions on the teaching material from the teachers’ point of view. It is very important for us to look back on our activities, so that in the near future, the teachers themselves would be able to conduct health education in a more effective way.

In December, JEN expanded the area of activity to Kirkuk and Diyala. We have now taken on school renovation and hygiene education in five provinces in central and northern Iraq. We have been able to learn many lessons from our activities in 2010, and are looking forward to making use of the experience in our new projects.

(Excerpt from Newsletter No.44)

January 20, 2011 in Iraq |