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Challenge brought me to JEN

110120_m_shahid_khanMy name is Muhammad Shahid Hahn. I am an assistant for Admin and Finance officer in Afghanistan.

Today, I would like to introduce myself.

I was born in a small town called Tiratol Prefecture, a mountainous area of the northern part of Pakistan in 1984. During that time, my father was working in Mardan, the second largest city in KPK of Pakistan and our whole family moved here. After I went to school there until 2003, I moved to Karachi, the economic capital in Pakistan, and I got my degree in IT. It was a very special period of my life to encounter people from different back ground.

After that, I returned to Mardan, received my MBA at the local university. When I was in Mardan, studying there in 2008, the Pakistani military began striking the armed insurgents in the Northwest tribal area. Consequently, this caused thousands of families to refuge to the local capital of Peshawar or within Mardan, some families stayed with host families, and moreover some stayed at IDP (Internally displaced persons) camps.

I began supporting these people as a volunteer with my friends after the class
for the IDP. That time, I happened to meet people from local NGO in the camp, and start working for Admin and Finance assistant..

This NGO was my first experience in this field of work and became the turning point for my career. April 2010, I began to work for another group in BASHOL one of the area of FATA (Federal Administrated Tribal Areas). Since this is one of the area, occupied by the armed insurgents, it is one of the toughest field to be based in the world. The experience brought me the confidence to work whatever the situation would be.

Currently,  I am working for JEN. The work environment and the teams are wonderful and would like to work long as possible.

January 20, 2011 in Afghanistan |