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Brick man of Grangoave in Haiti, Ti George

George Zephyr is 50 years old man and he is also a father of 8 children. He is a man of Haiti with strength and proud. It may be felt wander that he has a nickname of “Ti George” (“Ti” means “a little”, by the way) but it is very suit him because the adjective of “a little” before his name is very familiar just like himself! 8months has been passed since we saw him for the first time, and he always show smile on his old and being brown face even though he is in hard situation.


His work is making bricks, and it is one of the hardest works in hot whether of Haiti. Besides, it can not say that work is good for earning money. He spends at least 10 hours to make a sand move with his assistant. This step is necessary before mixing sand, water, and cement to adjust solidity. They do not have useful machine so they just use a handcart to bring sand and cement and a bucket to bring the water. All they have is human power and passion for their work


Next step is mixing completely by their handwork. The brick can not be made if this step is not good enough. Besides, they have no machine to forming brick so they use only their old tool and muscle.


The new brick which form precisely and being compressed are dried by sun, but these are moved at least 4 times to dry enough. Main Street of Grangoave does not have enough space. Besides, they have distribution problems too, so they need to bring bricks again to make 25 bricks pile.


The price of a pile is 0.625 dollars, and the team of Ti George can make only 250~300 bricks per day. It means they can expect to earn maximum 187.5 dollar per day but the cost of raw materials are taken away so their benefit is not corresponded to their effort.


In order to buy 150 bricks to repair a well in Leogan area, constructing staff of JEN visit his bricks at 6:30 AM in every morning, and Ti George always be there with strong muscle and smile!


In last Jury, I made one decision as humanity support engaged person. The decision is that we order the bricks to local bricks maker, not manufacture of bricks in capital of port-prince It means JEN choose Ti George as bricks supplier. He is the most proud person in my point of view. I hope their team gets more valuable works, and they and their families spend their life well.


January 27, 2011 in Haiti |