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The New Project Has Been Started!

Thanks to the cooperation of all of the supporters, UN-OCHA and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, school reconstruction and hygiene promotion project had been completed in the end of October and November respectively. We would like to say thank you again.


The new project has been started from December 1st. On this project, two prefectures are newly added as our action field. They are Diyala prefecture (bounded on the northeast of the capital Baghdad) and Kirkuk prefecture (located on the north side from Baghdad). Now our project is taken place in five prefectures; Baghdad, Babil, Anbar and the above-mentioned two prefectures.

These newly added two prefectures are not under good international support due to the security problem. It is said that many school buildings were destructed by fierce battle during the year 2006 ~ 2007 in Diyala. In other words, it is said as the hardest prefecture for the citizens to enjoy the basic social services.


In Kirkuk prefecture where the refugees, returners and people in several ethnic groups as Arab, Kurd and Turkmen live together, the international support is still not enough for their needs. In 2007 as the terrible epidemic year of cholera in Iraq, the patients in this prefecture accounted 60% of the whole. We are apprehensive that the morbidity rate will get higher in case of re-epidemic as it is one of the most densely populated prefecture in Iraq.

Disease transmitted by water such as cholera can be adequately prevented by good hygienic condition. JEN is going to take actions for hygienic enlightening projects started with the reconstruction of broken water and other hygienic equipment.

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