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The End and Start of the Project


Thanks to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan and supporters, the project for agricultural well installment and reinforcement of community organization in Batticaloa was completed on November 30. We appreciate it very much. In late November, we had a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the well inviting the district head and residents in the project sites, Chenkalady and Kiran.


The ceremony was held in a tent under the heavy rain. The head of Kiran handed the handover notes to the well management committee of the district.


The well is named “butterfly”, the team name of the committee members. Everyone is glad that the well was installed. The names of the members are also written on the board.


In Chenkalady, although it was sunny for the first time in a long time, the ceremony was held in a tent.

We had a briefing session at a prefectural office on December 3. The governor, two heads of the districts and the member of District Planning Depertment joined the session. The project officer from JEN presented how the project went on. The governor highly appreciated our project of well installment in the areas that have many rocks.

Our next project will be to install wells and community organization reinforcement in 29 areas. Also we have a plan to construct small-size drain. We already hold a signing ceremony at an embassy on December 1st and the project will continue until November next year.

The next year is coming around the corner. JEN Batticaloa office is working hard as usual. We appreciate your continued support.

December 16, 2010 in Sri Lanka |