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Shantakumar and His Small Farm

Shantakumar, his wife and their two children live in the village of Matiyamadu in the Parantan region. At the age of 32, he operates a modest plantation.

He returned here eight months ago from a refugee camp. The war cost Shantakumar both of his legs and most of his assets.

Today, he lives with the aid of prosthetic legs. The war also took his mother and brother. Living with him are his widowed sister and her seven children. Although those children can now return to school in the village they were born, one has suffered hearing damage during the war.
Through support from JEN, Shantakumar received barbed wire, crucial for protecting his crops from animals like free-range cattle and goats. With it in place, he sowed bean seeds bought from the agricultural center.


This month, JEN plans to distribute pesticide sprayers. Shantakmar’s wife currently assists with the farm work, but in the future she’ll be able to leave it to help care for her relatives.
Shantakmar is deeply grateful to all of you for making it possible to earn a living with his farm.

December 1, 2010 in Sri Lanka |