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JEN Get New Family!

New family comes at Pòtoprens office to join JEN. A female dog, whose breed of dog is Rottweiler, was born in Haiti eleven months ago. When large scale earthquake attack to Haiti, only first mounth has passed after her birth. Her breeder’s house was destroyed because of earthquake but she and her mother were survived and grew up in a tent.


Actually, it is very difficult to find a watchdog in Haiti. At first, there are only few spot where dogs which is suitable to train as a watchdog are sold. Besides, even that spot has collapsed by earthquake, and many dogs were died. Because of these situations, a watchdog can not find in Haiti easily.  Of course, as one of the choice, we can import watchdogs from neighbor countries. However, we choose the dog in Haiti which survive from earthquake because we thought this dog can be a member of JEN through the activities with us against goal as “revive”.


Fortunately, we met this female dog through the driver of JEN. We began to live together from November 22th. A general election would be on 28th and reinforcement of security was demanded for fear of disturbing peace after the election.

When I joined the cultural lecture of Haiti, the reason why people in Haiti do not like dogs deeply related to history of colony age. Haiti was one of the most abundant colonies so the way to control of Haiti was cruelly and dirty. At that age, dog was used not only for threaten the slaves. When slaves run away, they were run down to sea shore, and they needed to choose “drown in the sea” or “eaten by a fierce dog.” Besides, the people who are colonialism use dog as a show. People in Haiti were taking over this memories of suppression and fear, and they can not eliminate that memories after two hundred years from independence.

Rolca, A new family of JEN, is just child dog but it has already big. When she came to our place, John peter, security staff of JEN, looked that he felt fear to the dog. He lives in JEN’s office. We asked him to take care of Rolca but his face looks freeze and smile is disappeared from his face. However, several days later, he is smiling at Rolca, and treats her well. This is exactly prove fear comes from ignorance. He start to take care of Rolca, and he learn that she do not attack him without any reason, and finally they can understand each other.

December 2, 2010 in Haiti |