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Well Repairs — One Young Woman’s Story

Eight months ago, 24 year-old Rajesuwali  returned to her village in the northern region of Waunia, which was damaged by the earthquake . She has a husband and two children, but her husband remains in custody under charges of anti-government activities. Also living with Rajesuwali is her younger sister, who has three children of her own, and whose husband has also yet to return from custody. The two sisters share a home with their mother and five children at the outskirts of the village.

When we visited her three months ago, she travelled 500 meters every day to draw heavily soiled water from a broken well. When that well was later cleaned, monkey and cow corpses were found inside it.


Now, Rajesuwali’s well is as good as new. She drinks from it, and uses its water to cook and tend to her garden. She’s deeply grateful to everyone involved in its repair and cleaning.

This activity was made possible by Japan Platform and our supporters.

November 4, 2010 in Sri Lanka |