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The Hygiene Promotion Workshop was held

We hold the hygiene promotion workshop at 25 targeted schools from the beginning of October.


It was scheduled for two days at each school, targeted mainly for the teachers. On the first day, we had a lecture and on the second day, we had a review and also the guide of actual teaching method for children.

It might be a bit busy for the teachers to participate in the interval of their own classes. It was greatly pleased for us JEN members to hear a teacher say casually to a latecomer, “I heard a very useful lecture during your absence!” We realized that our long processed hygiene promotion project was received as a help for them.



We distributed the teaching materials and hygienic kits at this workshop, of which introduced several time on this blog. For checking detailed content of teaching materials, please refer to following blog.

We apologize that the article is written in Japanese.

This workshop was held with the cooperation of all of the supporters, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN-OCHA.

November 25, 2010 in Iraq |