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The Campaign of Sanitation by Villagers

he contemporary technology can expect natural disaster like a hurricane, storm, and flood, but an epidemic like cholera will attack without any warning.

JEN are performing the sanitation promoting project against 50 thousand families. 459 volunteers who are trained for this sanitation promoting project are teaching knowledge about sanitation. They have high motivation, and try to spread what they learn to village.

Volunteer go to village to explain about cholera after joining emergency meeting with JEN staff about corresponding how to sterilizing house, car, and dead body. They also stimulate villager to get information about sanitation by listening radio, or communicating with each villagers. In a village named Jeanty at Grand Goave, wash place is established at center of village, and call out the villagers to wash their hands by soap.

This effort started from ‘Global Hand Washing Day’ on Octorber 15th.  This trial has begun under the leadership of volunteers for letting everyone wash their hands appropriately.

After that, we decide to establish wash place in Sojin, next village of Jeanty. At the area where JEN perform the project, this kind of sanitation improvement activity is spreading wider than we expect. Volunteers accomplish their new role at life improvement of people in the community, and they are very proud of that.

If Hurrican Thomas attacks to Haiti, the risk to spread cholera virus may become higher. Haiti team of JEN has 500 people including JEN’s staffs, drivers, and local volunteers, and they try to prevent to spread the sickness to 50 thousand people in Haiti.

November 4, 2010 in Haiti |