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If we imagine

In this country, several hundred families have to go to bed without eating proper dinner, and several thousand children can not commute to school. Many people are going to die without taking enough treatment in the hospital every week. Why?

‘‘Poverty.’’  Oneday, one of the villagers that JEN perform some activity in his village ask us, ‘Do you have any salaried work?’ From this question, we began to discuss about poverty.

Villager: I am so hungry, but I do not have both work and money
JEN: What kind job would you like to? Can’t you find any job in your village? If you can not find, why don’t you create it for yourself and other villager?
Villager: I can not do that. A half of people in the village can not find the job. How can I create the job?
JEN: I think you can create because there is a beautiful in this place. Most of the people in the world like the beach very much.
Villager: I know such a thing, but people like famous and clean beach, not like this place.
JEN: Do you think that is only reason that people does not come this place?
Villager: Umm,,,,,,,, I do not know
JEN: Listen what I say. Please imagine. 200 families live in this village. You recruit one person from each family, and begin to clean the beach. Maybe cleaning is going to be finished in two days, and all of garbage is disappear in third days. After that, you gather the money from villagers, and build the shop which sell cold drink or the seafood restaurant. Then maybe many visitors will come to beach, and they swim, buy some cold drink at shop, and eat some lunch in restaurant. At that time, how many villagers can get work……



That villager thinks it seriously.
JEN: Do you think that is impossible?
Villager: N, No! I do not think like that, but how can we let the people realize that this village have nice beach?
JEN: That is easy. Make the direction and put it up on the highway. You should write the beach’s name, an arrow, and distance from the beach. In addition, take some beautiful photo and had them run in the newspaper. You also go to tourist board at the capital, and report what you did. If you finish everything, everyone in your village must help you. If you work with everyone as unison, how many works you can create?
Villager: (count on his finger,) Manager of shop and restaurant, waiter or waitress of restaurant, cleaner, security guard, sailor, fisherman, and guide…..Wow! There are many jobs!
JEN: Yes. You can do anything you want. Anyway, think about making money in this sea. This is the same as fisherman of village.
That villager starts to think, and say.
Villager: I will try! At first, I will gather other villager and discuss about this idea.

Earning enough money for family living….. This is the dream of all of pure people in Haiti, and this is also a goal of JEN. Therefore, we have to let the people realize the importance of independent, and support their effort to come their dream true by themselves.

Haiti needs practical work for revival from damage of earthquake or rebuilding the country. Every single people in the country should help each other, and they work as unison to become the country which can prepare enough food, hospital, road, and school.

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