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Hajj - Sacrificing -

Hajj starts on the 8th day in December, the month for pilgrimage on Islamic calendar. Muslims sacrifice animals on 10th day.

It’s regulated to offer a sheep per a pilgrim or a cow / a camel per seven pilgrims. These animals should not have any disease: they should not be blind even in one eye, should not have difficulty in walking with leg disease, and should not be emaciated for only skin and bones. Its age is also limited as over 5 years old for a camel, over 2 years old for a cow, and over 6 months for a sheep. Traditionally, pilgrims had been butchering the animals by themselves or observing others do butchering. In these latter days they don’t have even to observe by paying for an agency.
This change has some reasons, but one of these seems to be a hygienic problem by facing a left meat on street.

Then, to where do this butchered meat go?  To be eaten by pilgrims? To be thrown away? No way, it is to be packed and delivered to the needy all over the world.

December 10th on Islamic calendar falls the first day of Eid holiday (=the festival of sacrifice called Eid ul Adha). All of the Muslims who are not on Hajj also sacrifice to celebrate this holiday.

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